5623A Square Wire Stand Small Nickel 82mm pack of 20


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5623A Square Wire Stand SMALL Nickel 82mm pack of 20

The Square Wire Stands all fit into Clip-on, Press-fix and Stick-on sockets.

Small: 82mm long, for frames up to 200 x 150mm / 8″ x 6″ approx.

Square Wire Stands slide into any of the Sockets. Frame maker assembles the back with the stand in the parked position to make for easy packing. Users slide the stand out, turn it through 90° and re-insert to make the frame stand up.

5623A SMALL Stand Nickel pack of 20

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Square Wire Stands, Small, are also available in Black, 4825 and Brass, 4827 finishes

Sockets should be ordered separately. Clip-on sockets take any of the three sizes of stand and are available in BlackBrass and Nickel finishes. Press-fix sockets are available in Black and Nickel. Stick-on sockets available late 2019.

Add the Square Wire Frame Stands trial pack, 9951, to your next order. It helps you check which stand best suits the size of frame and the width of moulding.

Product information updated April 2019