6925A CWH1 Sawtooth Hanger pack of 50


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6925A CWH1 Sawtooth Hanger pack of 50

For hanging art on stretched canvas and frames with hollow backs.

Fits frames with hollow backs 6mm+ deep and moulding 18mm+ wide. Guides speed alignment.

Safe working load, based on our tests: 10kg (when used in pairs)

Available in various quantites:

6925B 200 pieces6925D 2000 pieces.

Note: Pack contains CWH Sawtooth Hangers only, screws not included.

More info:

How to: Fit CWH Square Sawtooth Hangers

How to: Stretch Inkjet Prints onto a Canvas

The name, style, concept and detail of all CWH Square Sawtooth Hangers are parts of an original idea which is © 2009 LION PFS Ltd. All rights reserved.

Load Testing

We have an in-house purpose-built load testing rig so you can be more certain of the safe load carrying capacity of any frame hardware from Lion.

SWL – Red handle icon giving a tested safe load figure which is derived from actual test results on our rig. Typically between 25% and 33% of the load at failure.

ESWL – White handle icon shows an estimated safe load figure based on our experience and best judgement.