6926A CWH2 Sawtooth Hanger 50 Pieces


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6926A CWH2 Sawtooth Hanger 50 Pieces

For frames with flat or papered backs

Depth to fit onto hook or nail. Slots for level adjustment. Fix with screws, length to suit.

All our CWH Hangers are switching to an on-trend silver nickel finish. This move away from a yellow zinc finish reflects the fact that sales of silver finish frame hardware now outstrip the more traditional brass. This change will happen as stock rotates.

CWH2 Sawtooth Hangers, pack of 50 pieces

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Safe working load, based on our tests: 6kg (when used in pairs)

Use CWH Sawtooth Hangers in 4 easy steps:

1) Fix CWH Hangers to the frame – Approximately 1/3 down from the top of the frame. Put one screw in an oval hole of each hanger.

2) Position and fix the wall hooks – Using the frame as a guide place two post it notes in approximate hook positions. Lightly hammer hooks pins to insert into wall.

3) Trial hang the frame – Hang the frame on the hooks and check for general positioning. To adjust levelling use a screw in a slot. Lock CWH hangers into position by inserting a second screw in each.

4) Hang the frame – Frames hang flat and level on the wall and do not tip forward.

Note: Pack contains CWH Sawtooth Hangers only, screws not included.

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The name, style, concept and detail of all CWH Square Sawtooth Hangers are parts of an original idea which is © 2009 LION PFS Ltd. All rights reserved.

Load Testing

We have an in-house purpose-built load testing rig so you can be more certain of the safe load carrying capacity of any frame hardware from Lion.

SWL – Red handle icon giving a tested safe load figure which is derived from actual test results on our rig. Typically between 25% and 33% of the load at failure.

ESWL – White handle icon shows an estimated safe load figure based on our experience and best judgement.